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Laser Hair Removal – The Safe, Obvious Solution

When it comes to Removing unwanted hair, one thing becomes very clear: laser hair removal in Gainesville is a method that surpasses all others by a long shot.
There must be a reason why more than 2 million procedures are performed in the United States every year. There must be a reason why laser hair removal in Gainesville is number two on the list of the most performed cosmetic procedures. When we learned to harness the force of this beam, a whole new world opened before us. From military implementations to the medical and cosmetic worlds, lasers are used in surgeries, in vision correction, in dentistry, in skin resurfacing and in hair removal. The instruments themselves come in different shapes and strength, and since it is so widely used, it makes laser hair removal in Gainesville a very logical solution.
For years the electrolysis was considered the only  Permanent hair removalmethod. The procedure was long, and several visits were required to treat a small area. They were not painful necessarily, but very uncomfortable. They had to shock each hair follicle to prevent it from growing again, and we have many of those who grow in different cycles. In a small study done at a laser center in Ankara, Turkey, the effectiveness of laser hair removal in Gainesville was about 60 times greater than that of electrolysis.
laser hair removal in Gainesville is based on the same idea; shock the follicles and prevent them from growing again. But unlike electrolysis, it can treat more than one hair at a time by targeting a whole area. A cooling gel is applied first, then a few seconds at a time, a beam will be released causing no more than a slight sensation. After a few of those, the gel is wiped away and with it all the unwanted hair. Some additional visits are required to treat the new hair follicles that start to grow, usually between 4-6.
Of course you would want it to be done in a respectable place, where a professional – such as an M.D – supervises the use of the laser and insures that mistakes are not done.
But would you be willing to pay doctors fees for hair removal?
That is why Los Angeles Medi Spa is just a place you would want. In a peaceful and serene atmosphere, partnered by a well known plastic surgeon, a registered nurse and a team of dynamic estheticians, you can get botox to relax your worry lines, Juvederm and Restylane to fill up what nature has taken away, facials
 and a complete body treatment from head to toe. And of course you can have your unwanted hair removed by laser. Attribution

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